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Would You Like Ads on Netflix?

A recent survey of Netflix, Stan and users of other online content streaming services has found a surprising trend among millennials.

The Deloitte Media Survey looked into our viewing habits in relation to streaming platforms and what features draw us to use online streaming over traditional TV.

One of the big draw cards is being able to watch content ad-free, with 89% of survey respondents saying watching ad-free is the most valued attribute.

While the majority of users across all age groups said they wouldn’t tolerate ads on paid subscription services, Millennials reportedly bucked the trend with 54% saying they would be willing to view ads if it reduced subscription cost by at least 25%.

The survey also found that half of subscribers said they needed more than one subscription in order to access everything they want to watch.

So are ads the answer? With the online streaming market becoming increasingly fragmented as the industry grows, those $12/month subscriptions are really starting to “ad”* up.