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4 shows from your childhood that are weirdly creepy as an adult

When viewed through the filter of childhood innocence, these were some of the greatest, most imaginative shows TV had to offer. But when viewed as an adult? Well, let’s just say that emotionless, faceless doll from Lift Off will likely star in my nightmares tonight.

Here’s our top 4 pick for childhood shows that are now creepy AF.

Lift Off:

As per all nightmares moving forward, that doll is scary. I believe the idea was; by giving it no features, it would allow children to see themselves in the doll... all it did was inspire the Annabelle movies.


There’s no reason to be terrified of a bedroom wall... unless you’ve watched Mulligrubs.

Johnson and Friends:

Nothing says “you better sleep with the lights on tonight” quite like a living hot-water-bottle prowling your bedroom, threatening to spew scolding water on you at any given moment.

Lamb Chop's Play Along:

There is something very foreboding about a song that never ends. AND WHAT WERE THOSE KIDS DOING WITH THAT POOR LADY?! While it’s not confirmed, I have a strong feeling Stephen King based “Children of the Corn” on this show.

Honourable mentions go to Rugrats, Real Monsters and Peppa Pig... Peppa’s on thin ice.