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Off-Duty Pilot Makes Emergency Landing

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An off-duty pilot is being praised as a hero for stepping in and safely landing a plane after the actual pilot fainted midflight.

The Jet2 flight was on its way to Madeira, Portugal from Manchester when the incident occurred. According to a passenger onboard, staff “made the announcement that there had been an incident on the flight deck and another Jet2 pilot who happened to be on holiday came forward.”

The plane made an emergency landing at Porto where the original pilot was reportedly taken to hospital for observation.

Josh and Kris were chatting about “off-duty heroes” on Power Brekky this morning, and how some jobs (doctor/paramedic for example) lend themselves to “off-duty hero” opportunities, while other jobs (radio announcer)... not so much.

Have you ever had an “off-duty hero” experience?

Picture: Pexels.com