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Burger King Chicken Nuggets

UK woman, Anouska Moss, has astounded Twitter with her story of a late night bra-nugget surprise.

Anouska was anticipating a hungry night out clubbing so she decided to store a few sneaky chicken nuggets in her bra for later. She ran into trouble however, when she forgot the nuggets were there. She’d taken a guy home she’d just met, and according to a tweet by Anouska, the guy got a shock when he removed her bra and the forgotten nuggets tumbled out.

Anouska shared the story on Twitter to a mixed response. Some people applauded her forward planning in sneaking the nuggets into the club, others reminisced on times they’ve found themselves in similar situations, while some doubted the authenticity of Anouska’s story.

Anouska’s friends were quick to tweet in her defense:

The post has since been deleted due to excessive unwanted attention.