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The Worst Time to Buy Your Coffee


A survey of Victorian coffee habits has revealed our favourite drinks and when we most like to consume them.

The survey conducted by payment platform Square crowned lattes as Victoria’s most popular beverage, followed by flat whites and cappuccinos respectively.

According to Square spokesperson, Caitlin Walsh, “Victorians take their coffee very seriously and value quality.”

We’re spending on average $4.18 per latte, which is 9c more than last year. If you’re after a cheaper option, long blacks won that title costing on average $3.87 per cup.

If you’re looking for the best time of day to avoid crowds while grabbing your fix - that depends on what you are drinking.

The busiest time of day to grab a coffee is 9am, for tea drinkers it’s 10am, chai is 11am and a matcha sees peak consumption at 3pm.