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Ballarat’s Lousiest Mo Has Been Revealed

Mo Pic versus

It’s been 30 massive days of no holds barred mo growing for Kris and Zeke at Power FM.

At the start of the month, Kris decided for the first time in his life he was going to grow a mo for MOvember.  Kris knew early on that it wasn’t going to be particularly impressive, which is why he made it a contest to grow Ballarat’s lousiest mo.

Given his lack of experience in the field of mo cultivation, Zeke from sales was selected to compete and with that a rivalry as fierce as their moustaches were embarrassing was born.

With the help of our resident Mo expert at Power FM, Adam Barnes...

Mo Pic versus

And one of Ballarat’s leading facial hair enthusiasts, Brayden Dorney...

Mo Pic versus

Along with a sophisticated 5 point judging system...

Judging Form

This morning, a winner was named.

Congratulations Zeke! After a hard fought battle and a slippery technicality in the final moments, we’re pleased to name you the proud owner of Ballarat’s Lousiest Mo.

Zeke competitor card