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Trailer Drops for New Family Friendly Deadpool

Deadpool is returning to cinemas this December; however this time it’s for the kids!

Anyone who is familiar with the Deadpool movies will know they cover some very adult themes. While at times laugh out loud hilarious, these movies often touch on a level of coarse language and violence that’s so extreme, you find yourself feeling a little dirty and disorientated at the end of a viewing.

So it comes as a HUGE surprise that a new Deadpool coming in December titled Once Upon a Deadpool will be rated PG-13. Once Upon a Deadpool is basically a family friendly version of Deadpool 2, which hit theatres earlier this year.

A teaser has just dropped for Once Upon a Deadpool featuring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and child star Fred Savage.

Once Upon a Deadpool will have a limited release in US cinemas from December 12th until the 24th. No word yet whether it will screen in Australia.