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The Top Reason Australians Avoid Going to the Dentist Revealed

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The biggest reason why Australians avoid the dentist has been revealed and it has nothing to do with the terrifying sharp instruments they stick in your mouth.

According to a survey by most Australians put off going to the dentist due to cost. Second on the list was fear of needles followed closely by good old fashion laziness in third.

Women are more likely to put off going to the dentist with 47% saying it’s too expensive, compared to 36% of men.

Reasons Australians Avoid Going to the Dentist:

It’s Too Expensive – 41%

Fear of Needles, Pain and/or the Dentist – 20%

I Never Get Around To It – 13%

I Don’t Need To Go – 12%

I Need Major Dental, So I’m Avoiding It – 10%

My Insurance Doesn’t Cover It – 7%

I Have Sensitive Teeth – 6%

If you are putting off going to the dentist you may want to rethink your reasons considering dental complications is the third biggest cause of preventable hospitalisations in Australia.