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5 Lines to Guarantee a First Date


Australian dating expert, Louanne Ward, has revealed 5 lines to try if you wish to boost you online dating success.

According to Louanne, the trick to moving a relationship past that first Tinder message is to "trigger a psychological response which makes you more appealing to others."

Louanne says "five of the most effective ways to achieve a reply to an opening message include humour, positivity, rapport, compliments, intrigue and curiosity. Somewhere in your opening message one, two or all the triggers to connection need to be present."  

With this is mind, Louanne has revealed five opening lines to try if you want a first date.

1. Did you know you have the top two most irresistible things that men/women value most?

Why it works: You are using compliment/question which requires an answer which then sparks a response.

2. I was sitting here wondering if he who speaks first is considered the winner or loser? I made the executive decision they are the winner, so now you get to decide my prize? 

Why it works: Being playful and using humour is effective but it's important you don't leave room for misinterpretation and make sure it's not putting anyone down.
3. The Tinder/Bumble fairy tells me you are nine kilometres away, is this a permanent location or are you just visiting?   

Why it works: Open ended light-hearted question which is personal, showing the message is unique to the recipient.

4. Hi, I smiled at your profile and pics you seem refreshingly normal. Made me automatically feel a little more enthusiastic about the dating app culture, which I have to say is so not me, yet here I am. Thanks for the match. 

Why it works: This shows vulnerability whilst also being complementary and allows the other person space to start the conversation on a positive note.

5. Is that your cute dog or did you borrow him for your profile shoot to raise your appeal?

Why it works: Don't laugh some people actually do this! It is light hearted and playful, has humour. Compliments are an important part of someone's life and opens conversation around it.