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Spooky Possessed Broom Haunts Police Garage


If you’re easily frightened by some eerie paranormal activity – perhaps now is the time to look away.


After noticing a garage door was left open at a police station car park on Thursday last week, New South Wales Police inspected their CCTV footage to find the culprit. What they found was not at all what they were expecting.

First, the garage door appears to open by itself. This alone is no big deal, since it’s an automatic door after all and this kind of glitch isn’t outside the realm of possibility. It’s when a broom appears, as though being controlled by an invisible janitor that things get weird. The broom stands upright for a moment or two before falling to the ground. Then, after a short time it gives one last shudder of movement before the video ends.

Although the video was posted on Friday the 13th, NSW Police claim it’s not a prank and they are still trying to explain the phenomenon.

I guess if some spooky stuff’s about to go down; the eve of Friday the 13th is probably the best time for it!