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Kris receives his first unicycle lesson

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The Ballarat Cycle Classic is this Sunday and Kris has been set the ambitious task of learning to ride a unicycle ahead of the event.

While learning to ride a unicycle on its own is fairly challenging, Kris hasn’t helped himself at all; after a week of procrastination, he has only just today received his first lesson.

Eric and Otto from Sprung Circus dropped in this morning armed with an array of unicycles and a wealth of experience... which considering how many questions Kris had, came in very handy.

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Eric and Otto were full of praise following Kris’ first lesson, however looking back at the footage, it’s possible they were just being polite...


Kris trying out the Unicycle for the first time, with help from the Sprung Circus!

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You can catch Sprung Circus at this year’s Ballarat Cycle Classic and online at SprungCircus.net.

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