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Ballarat's Swooping Magpie Locations Map

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Report a magpie swooping here

Magpie swooping season is among us and reports are flying in for swooping hot spots.
That's why we want to share your encounters here in Ballarat to inform and protect the community.

Magpies are known to breed from August to October and are very territorial birds during this time. They will swoop if they feel threatened to protect their young. Our map is designed to show the community where to avoid if possible. If one is encountered, it is important to stay calm and move quickly but not panic and run. Remember not all birds will swoop and it is illegal to harm wildlife in Victoria. 

If you're a cyclist, jogger, or pedestrian that has witnessed a swooping incident or know of any, please enter the details below.

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For more information on swooping birds, visit:

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