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Who designed the Holey Moley course?


Josh & Maddie caught up with Holey Moley Commentator, Matt Shirvington to chat about the craziness that is Holey Moley!

They chatted to Matt about all of the different, insane mini golf holes that are part of the show and who's twisted mind all of the holes came from! Listen to the full interview below to see who came up with the holes!

Holey Moley is a whimsical land where mini golf and massive fun is par for the course! Australia’s most skilled and passionate golfers will come from across the land to take on the most epic mini golf course ever created, but only a new breed of contender will survive this competition. Towering windmills, fire-breathing dragons, shark-infested lagoons and a giant sausage – it’s the course that has everything. No inch of astroturf has been left unturned in creating this unmatched test of precision putting and stamina. Channel 7’s extreme mini golf competition series Holey Moley is family entertainment on an epic scale, where comedy and sport collide as competitors battle for supremacy on insane, supersized mini golf holes.

Listen to the full interview here...