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Exes at Weddings... Fine or Recipe for Disaster?

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Exes at weddings... it seems like a recipe for disaster for many, but for others who have miraculously forged a friendship with their ex it’s no big deal, right?

There’s a story trending online out of Malaysia of a bride who had a bizarre request for her husband on their wedding day. The newly married couple were greeting a procession of their nearest and dearest when a guy approached the bride to shake her hand. At this point the bride turns to her new husband and gestures a request for “one more”. Initially the husband hesitates before giving his blessing, and the bride turns to give the other guy a big warm embrace. Apparently, this guy was the bride’s ex, and the bride was asking for one last hug.

Kris on Power Brekky was asking if anyone in Ballarat had any exes at their wedding and one listener shared a story of her Grandfather and his extremely understanding new wife:

Photo by Jeremy Wong from Pexels

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