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New “INDULGENT” Hot Cross Buns Hit Supermarket Shelves

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It’s begun... Supermarkets have started stocking Hot Cross Buns ALREADY! I know, it’s an outrage!


...who am I trying to kid, I love the early access to one of my favourite seasonal treats.

Hot cross buns have been spotted on supermarket shelves since as early as Boxing Day and Woolworths has just dropped a creative new range.

The supermarket giant’s new offerings include Indulgent Apple and Cinnamon hot cross buns boasting Pink Lady apples, and for choc lovers, Indulgent Mocha featuring Cadbury Old Gold dark chocolate chips.

Woolies has even revamped their hot cross bun dough options, with gluten free, brioche and even hot cross bun loaves available.

The new Indulgent range is sold in 4-packs and is in store now.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels