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Wallet Lost in the Ocean Returns to Shore 26 Years Later

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A man from NSW has been reunited with his wallet after it was lost on a beach 26 years ago.

Paul Davis was celebrating the New Year with a beach party at Lennox Head northern NSW back in 1994 when at some point during the night he and his wallet parted ways.

Paul had written off the wallet after losing it in the ocean, however now after a 26 year voyage, it’s made its way home. The wallet was recently found on the beach complete with Medicare card, Tafe card and a $5 note. The wallet itself, while intact, was looking a little tired and worn. The person who found the wallet posted a picture of it on social media which soon caught the attention of the wallet owner’s partner who organised the reunion.

Jules on Power Brekky shared a similar story of how her Dad reunited her with a long lost possession and scored Dad of the year in the process:

 Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

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