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Oreo Built an Asteroid Proof Doomsday Vault to Stash Their Cookies... Just in case

 pexels abhishek hajare 5511230

Mondelez International, the parent company of Oreo cookies, has built an asteroid proof vault to keep their bickies safe in the event of an asteroid strike. This follows recent news of an asteroid dubbed Asteroid 2018 VP1 that is scheduled to graze by Earth on November 2nd. While the asteroid has been cleared as posing no threat, one concerned cookie lover asked on Twitter who would save the Oreos in the event of a strike. The answer, subsequently, is Oreos will save Oreos, with a big vault.

Located safely in the Arctic, the Oreo vault is modelled after the Seed Vault which is designed to preserve the world’s botanical legacy in the event of a major global catastrophe. The Oreo Vault is situated just next door, and they’ve even gone so far as to wrap the Oreos in mylar, which is capable of withstanding temperatures from about -60 to 150 degrees Celsius.

So rest assured, if your number one concern right now is for the fate of Oreo biscuits in the event of a global catastrophe, know that the Oreos are safe.

Photo by ABHISHEK HAJARE from Pexels.

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