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Is the “Vegeknife” the Hero We Need, or a Terrible Idea?

The makers of Vegemite believe they’ve solved the most frustrating part about enjoying a serve of the iconic Aussie spread.

The “VegeKnife” is a double-bladed limited edition knife designed to spread Vegemite on one end, and butter on the other.

The idea is this will prevent cross contamination between your butter and Vegemite, thus hopefully putting a stop to the disgusting smears of butter you often find tainting the inside of your Vegemite jar.

While it’s a great idea in theory, in practice it may very well end up being just as messy. On one hand you’ll keep your butter and Vegemite nice and separate, but on the other hand – a buttery mess!

If this doesn’t faze you, and you’re still hoping to get your buttery hand on the new limited edition Vegeknife, there are 200 to be won on their Instagram page.

In other Vegemite news, a survey of 616 people on Google found that 86% spread butter first, then Vegemite... that means there's people out there laying down the Vegemite FIRST!!