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The (completely impractical) Trick to Stop Seagulls Stealing Your Chips

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When did birds become such bullies? If it’s not swans hissing, magpies swooping or Big Bird hassling us to learn the alphabet, it’s seagulls stealing our chips.

And while in Ballarat seagulls aren’t our primary airborne concern, if you’ve ever enjoyed a meal by the ocean you would be all too familiar with the feeling of a thousand beady little eyes watching your every move.

Well now researchers believe they’ve discovered a trick to deter thieving seagulls. A test by scientists in the United Kingdom found that if you stare seagulls in the eye, it makes them less inclined to help themselves to your meal. It’s not a complete solution however, as the study found it only delayed the skulduggery, rather than preventing it completely. Seagulls were reported to take on average 21 seconds longer to snatch a chip than if you weren’t watching them. And when you consider how many seagulls tend to show up for lunch, constantly staring each of them in the eye doesn’t exactly sound practical.

Jules and Kris had the full story on Power Brekky, and Jules revealed the time her husband became victim to a real life winged hamburglar:

Photo by Harshil Dihora from Pexels