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Shout-outs For Kool Karens

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The name Karen has been getting a bad rap lately. Whether it’s “Karen” from Brighton who deserves to jog where Brighton isn’t, or Bunnings “Karen” who is aware of her rights and isn’t about to be oppressed by some facemask, the name has certainly become synonymous with misguided outrage and entitlement.

And in this sea of complaints to the manager, we sometimes forget that “Karen” isn’t just a title, but also a name. And there are countless wonderful human beings named Karen who are being branded unfairly.

Karen Hayes from Guide Dogs Victoria is one of them, and shared this call to action for all the real Karens:

If you know a Karen who just happens to be a legend, let us know. Already on Facebook we have been overwhelmed by shout-outs to all the wonderful Karens out there.

Time to stand up for the nice Karens!

Posted by 103.1 Power FM Ballarat on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

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