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Ali Oetjen talks about looking after your mindset

It's safe to say we've all been through the ringer over the last few months, physically and emotionally.

This morning Jules spoke with Ali Oetjen about ways to help our mindset make sense of it all, and how meditation can help calm your mind.

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💫 We are spiritual beings in human bodies & I know a lot of you out there are beginning to remember who you are, how powerful you truly are and are realising your highest potential. Slowing down, becoming still, connecting with our higher self through meditation, breath, yoga, grounding in nature, writing in your journals we begin to raise our vibration. FUN FACT - LOVE emotion has the highest frequency! We are all connected so let’s raise our vibration, so we help others raise theirs, so we effortlessly & peacefully exist in love & light. My purpose here is to heal & to help you unlock your power & potential in this lifetime. #spiritualawakening #raiseyourvibration #healthylifestyle #meditation #yogi #yoga #heart #love #energy #mothernature #5dconsciousness #aliwellness

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