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OzMade - this week's guests

You'd be pretty nervous performing a cover in front of the artist who created the song!  That's exactly what Beatz did on The XFactor 2016, and luckily, Iggy Azalea loved it!

Now Beatz are back with their debut single "Ain't Your Girl" - you'll hear it on OzMade, Monday night, as well as my chat with Elisha.

Rachael Leahcar was "Team Delta" on The Voice a few years ago.  She's just released a new album, and the latest single from it was a collaboration with one of her idols - Josh Pyke.

Rachael joins us for a chat on OzMade this Tuesday night, plus we'll chat to the boys from Mashd n Kutcher about their latest release on Wednesday.

10pm weeknights, on OzMade.  Plus, you can "Catch Up" with our replays on Sunday.