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In the years since Sheppard released their debut album "Bombs Away", there has been a lot of touring, and Jay Bovino produced a few solo singles while on the road... all the while asuring us that a new album is coming.  Jay joins us on OzMade Monday night to chat about plans for the new album, and the pressure after Geronimo brought them so much success.

Ella Ferdinands isn't the only one in her family in the spotlight at the moment, her mum and sister are currently competing in the My Kitchen Rules competition.  We chat to Ella on Tuesday night about how important her family have been in supporting her and her music over the years.

Don't forget, Thursday night's we introduce you to our #OzMadeUnsignedFind - if you've got your own music you think should be features on the show, link us up on Twitter with the tag and @sezdee_