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About Jack & Jules

Keep you and your cornflakes company with Jack & Jules! 

jackJack has made the trip all the way From New Zealand to join you each weekday morning. From early wake ups to running ultra-marathons Jack is always bringing his high energy & positivity wherever he goes.

Anything weird and wacky to what’s going on locally, Jack likes to talk about it all. He’s always got time for everybody and his favourite quote is “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the rubbish man or the president of the university.”

julesFrom Tuna tossing, to staying overnight in an ex-insane asylum, to a hand up a cow, there’s not a lot that Jules won’t do for the Brekkie Show. After moving to Ballarat 13 years ago, she’s made herself quite at home.

When she’s not talking your ears off, you’ll find her running laps of the lake, or eating and drinking great food and wine at one of her favourite Ballarat restaurants. 

We pride ourselves on being the 'leaders in local', which means we love to be involved in the community in a big way. If it's happening in Ballarat it will be on the show!