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fundraiser for Shayne


Shayne is a 47 year old father of three from Daylesford in country Victoria, Australia. He is now suffering and battling against a Grade 4 GBM( Glioblastoma), terminal brain cancer. The deadliest of cancers. Shayne's prognosis is absolutely dire, with only months to live.
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Shayne and the family are still in absolute shock and are totally devastated.
We spoke with Sister Danni on the show to here more about Shayne and his story

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Having just completed radiation therapy, Shayne has embarked on the painful and invasive treatment of chemotherapy to try to halt the growth of this aggressive cancer. Despite his brave battle, the cancer and treatment is taking an enormous toll on him and his quality of life.
The family are asking for your support so he can get the best quality of life in the time he has left, to help support his final wish of going on his last road trip - to enable him to spend time with his children making as many memories as a family while they are together. And with your support, help his children into the future.
So many of you, his beautiful family and friends, new and old, some spanning as long back as primary school, have asked 'how can I support him?' and 'what can I send or what can I do?'... so this page has been set up to help Shayne.
We are fighting against time so any donation, however big or small, will be greatly appreciated. Please also feel free to share this post as widely as you can to networks you know have been touched by this gorgeous human.
Please also add your messages of love and words of support to Shayne, they will all be read to him by the family. Thank you in advance for your love and support. Bless you.
Please keep Shayne and his children in your prayers.


 You can donate here