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Dominos Reheating Pizza Hacks Can "Stop The Sog"!

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If I buy pizza, I usually eat it all in one sitting so I don't have to re-heat soggy pizza the next day, but there are some "life-hacks" to avoid that, and I'm stoked!

Dominos understands that a lot of people like to eat pizza the following day, yes some like it cold, others like me heat it up, but it goes soggy.

Dominos has the answer to "stop the sog", and that's place a slice of pizza on a plate in the microwave, set the microwave for roughly 30 seconds and make sure there's a half-full glass of water in there.    

After countless tests, seems the half-full glass of water actually sucks in the moisture that would otherwise be absorbed by the dough.

This trick may not give you a super crispy slice, but it'll seem considerably crispier then if you didn't use the water.


Other results from their testing includes: 

  • Sticking two slices together and pressing them in a waffle or jaffle iron to create a 'pizza sandwich' (this would also stop cheese and toppings sticking to the iron)
  • Individual slices are best reheated on a dry frying pan or in an oven, but make sure you set it to a low temperature
  • Using a toaster to reheat the pizza scored the lowest as slices burn quite easily and you could start a fire if you didn't keep an eye on it

For more instructions on reheating your leftover pizza perfectly, click HERE

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay