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Kmart Worker Shares Secrets To Shopping For A Bargain

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Love grabbing a bargain at Kmart, but wish you knew the secret to scoring better discounts, well this Kmart worker has got you covered.

23-year-old Georgia Cook (from Sydney) decided that shoppers needed some advice on how to get their hands on the best discounts at Kmart, and what shoppers should do if they need help finding something in the store.

So she made a video on TikTok. 

So some of her tips include:

  • Kmart staff will give a 20% or more discount if something is damaged, you just have to ask (one woman claimed that she only got 5% off on her damaged goods), Georgia says that all Kmarts offer different discounts for damaged items, but if you bring a damaged item and you still want to buy it, you can ask for a discount
  • Even though half the workers there might not know where products are in the store, please don't get angry with them, many work in one or two departments, so they don't look after the rest of the store, they can only guide you in the right direction 
  • If you're chasing something that's not on the shelves and you're rude to the staff about it, they might just say it's, quote: "out of stock" instead of looking into it further
  • Most of all, remember to be nice

In a nutshell, ask nicely, treat the staff with respect and you should be ok!

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Rita Kaminski (also from Sydney) used to work in a Kmart, and earlier this year, made a video on how you can save some bucks there.

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So take note of the tips, and happy shopping at Kmart!

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