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Unexpected Reactions To Postponing Weddings In 2020

orlova maria 13naxFTumNA unsplash

Imagine, 2020 was the year you were to be married, it was going to be an amazing time spent with family and friends, and starting your "new life" together, but Covid-19 changed all of that. But when it comes to rescheduling, one bride found that some people in her life were not that supportive!

Coronavirus has made so many people change so much, like staying and working from home, losing their jobs, taking footy away (and other sports) and making couples either cancel or change their "big day".

Some couples didn't want to cancel their wedding so they have gotten married via video calls, which is cool, you can always have a party later down the track to celebrate. 

But one bride took to Reddit to express how sad she was after telling those around her that her upcoming wedding was going to be postponed and the response from some of her guests was quite heartbreaking.

Postponed wedding 1 

Postponed wedding 2

Postponed wedding 3

Postponed wedding 4

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