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Kids Left To Enter School Grounds Alone After New Drop Off/Pick Up Rule

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How would you feel if a school, that your children attended, told you that you can only drop your kids off at the gate and not go any further onto the school grounds? You would be outraged right?

Well it is happening right now in NSW.

Wamberal Public School (on the NSW Central Coast) has banned parents from entering the school grounds when they either drop off or pick up their kids.

What happens is that there are teachers standing at the gates and their job is to meet the parents and to supervise the kids as they cross through the gates.

Parents must not walk onto the school property and must say goodbye at the gate when they drop off their kids.

Parents have been left feeling both outraged and confused by the decision.

But in the end, it's all about the safety of the children. 

Apparently, all over Australia, parents have been involved in many violent outbursts and this school just wanted to make sure it didn't happen there.

Upset parents have attended a recent Parents and Citizens meeting to try and get the ban reversed, saying that they were never consulted about the change (even though the school sent a newsletter out) and that their children are becoming anxious about walking into the school alone.

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