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The lineup for Dancing With The Stars is here... are they enough to make you watch?


Cloke mark in front of Aliir

Formally your nan's favourite show, Dancing With The Stars is back and this time it's chasing a younger crowd.

Daryl Somers is nowhere to be seen as host. Instead you've got Grant Denyer and Amanda Keller in the hosting duties, introducing what is a pretty good lineup of Stars... at least by Dancing With The Stars standards...

So without further ado, here are your 10 stars:

  1. Claudia Karvan - the Aussie acting royalty behind The Secret Life of Us and Love My Way (as well as just about every other Aussie drama from the past 25 years...)
  2. Ed Kavalee - The Have You Been Paying Attention regular and radio stalwart. (You've gotta wonder if former co-host Grant Denyer talked him into this one.)
  3. Beau Ryan - Ex-rugby league legend and now host of The Amazing Race Australia. (Channel 10 are really pushing the cross promotion hard!)
  4. Celia Pacquola - Comedian, actress (Rosehaven, Utopia) and another familiar face from Have You Been Paying Attention. 
  5. Angie Kent - Former Bachelorette, Goggleboxer and I'm a Celeb celeb... she's quickly running out of Channel 10 reality shows!
  6. Dean Wells - Formerly married at first sight on Married At First Sight. 
  7. Dami Im - Singer, X-Factor alumnus and Australia's best ever performer at Eurovision. Hear heart awakes to the sound of silence. 
  8. Christian Wilkins - Model, award-winning podcaster and son of Richard Wilkins. 
  9. Chloe Lattanzi - Actress, singer and daughter of Olivia Newton John.
  10. Travis Cloke - Collingwood/Western Bulldogs legend.

Okay, so there's a couple of filler names in there (not pointing any fingers), but with some great entertainers and a bit of luck, this reboot could be a lot of fun. Plus there's $50 000 going to the winner's charity of choice, so what's not to love about that?

Check out the promo below. Dancing With The Stars kicks off 7:30pm on Sunday, February 9.


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