The Latest from the Home Run

The Spilt Milk set times are here!


How's your schedule looking?

 It's three weeks and two days now until Spilt Milk hits Victoria Park, and this morning the organisers dropped the news we've all been waiting for - the set times. Take a squiz.


 It looks like we might be having to make some tough decisions come November 30, with a few big name artist clashes. Will you choose Chvrches on the Angrove stage or JuiceWRLD on the Basquiat stage? Or in a home-grown clash - will you pick Illy or the back-to-back forces of Ocean Alley and Dune Rats? Similarly, will it be Tones & I or G-Flip - two Aussie women at the top of their game.

Thank goodness we've got a few weeks to think about this!