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Driver In Trouble For Homemade Number Plates

Fake plates Werribee 25 Oct 2019

Well this is something I have never seen before in all my years of driving.

The fakest of fake plates.

It all went down on one Friday (Friday October 25th to be exact), when Werribee divisional van police officers came across a Holden Commodore that had, SHOCK HORROR, false registration plates!!! 

I love the fact they said, quote, "We gave him an 8/10 for his colouring in skills, a 2/10 for his spelling ability and an additional charge for court."

Fake plates Werribee 25 Oct 2019 1

Edgucation ... ???


The man has been charged and while be facing court soon, and maybe they'll send him back to school for a real education!

Pictures thanks to Wyndham Police Eyewatch Facebook page.