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Smartphones Addicted Kids Are Being Sent To Detox Camps

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Parents over in South Korea have seen their children become socially anxious, aggressive, isolated, and addicted, because of smart phones and they have had enough.

This year, there has been 16 Government run camps held so far in South Korea to help detox children and more than 400 have attended.

According to the stats:

  • Over 98% South Korean teens used a smartphone just last year
  • Around a third of them have shown signs of addiction
  • 30% aged between 10 and 19 years old were “over dependent” on their phones

When the children get to the camps, which only takes around 25 students each time, the boys and the girls are split up and their phones are taken away.

These camps are usually far away from the cities and involves spending time in nature.

After the first couple of days, and some agonising moments of being separated from their smart phones, the kids adjust to life without technology, spending most of their time playing sport, doing arts and crafts, hanging out and making friends, and also meditating.

Parents even place notes on a “tree of encouragement”, using words like “reflect”, “love yourself”, and “don’t escape”.

When it comes to the cost of these camps, apparently parents just need to pay for food, the camps themselves are free.

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Image by breman from Pixabay