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Say hi to SauceBot: revolutionising Victorian sausage sizzles

It's the ultimate Aussie invention - a machine that perfectly applies sauce to your snags. Meet Saucebot.

Made by the team at the Melbourne Hackerspace, SauceBot was down at Bunnings in Hawthorn over the weekend, dishing out the perfect portion of tomato sauce and mustard to some very appeciative barbecue fans. Okay, so there's a bit of sauce hitting the napkin, but this is undeniably impressive. Check out this saucy bad boy in action.


Okay, we can debate the whole onions under the snag thing another time; this is just a beautiful sight.


 Of course, there are some incredible projects always going on at the Ballarat Hackerspace on Albert Street (you can check out their Facebook page here); let's hope some of their future dreams also involve revolutionising lunch.