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It's official - Caramilk is coming back!


“We’ve listened to the tens of thousands of Aussies asking us to bring Cadbury Caramilk back.”

Those are the immortal words of Cadbury's marketing manager over the weekend. After weeks of speculation, we finally have the confirmation we've waited for - Caramilk will be in supermarkets again from Wednesday, October 2nd. 


Caramilk was discontinued way back in '94, but when the chockie made a limited-time comeback last year, those blocks became precious commodities. Good luck trying to find any left on the supermarket shelves - most Caramilk ended up on eBay being sold as if it was gold. 

In fact, if October 2nd is too long to wait, you will be able to buy Caramilk on eBay again from Thursday. Five hundred blocks will be available for bidding on the Cadbury Australia eBay page with free delivery and the profits going to Save The Children. 

Otherwise, blocks will be $4.80 in stores, and you'll only have to wait nine days for that Caramilk goodness.