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The Apple Pie McFlurry is coming back to Ballarat - and there's a way you can get it already...


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The most delicious hybrid desert of 2018 is coming back - and there's a way you can get it right now.

 The Apple Pie McFlurry has long been desert folklaw. For years, people in the know would buy their caramel sundae and an apple pie and smoosh them together into one unholy delicious beast. Then last year, Maccas made this beautiful desert monster official and slapped it on the menu for a limited time.

And now it's back.

As of next Wednesday (July 10th) the sweet, creamy, healthy goodness (I mean, there's fruit in it, so it's healthy, right?) of the Apple Pie McFlurry will be available at every Maccas in Ballarat and beyond. But if you can't wait until then, there's a way you can get it now.

From now until next Tuesday, you can order the Apple Pie McFlurry exclusively through the Uber Eats app. Finally, an excuse for me to be too lazy to leave the house!


 Now all we need is a McFlurry with those epic Maccas cookies...