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A Simpsons sing-a-long is coming to Ballarat this weekend!


Calling all Ballarat Simpsons fans!

 Is this you?

  1. Every possible night in the '90s and early '00s at 6pm you'd flick it over to Channel 10 for a Simpsons episode you'd aready seen a dozen times - and you loved it anyway.
  2. You prescribe to the belief that there's a Simpsons quote for all situations. 
  3. Even a good 15+ years after its golden era ended, you still love that yellow four-fingered family from Springfield. 

Then this is the event for you.

'Songs in The Key of Springfield' is exactly what it sounds like - a night for Simpsons fans young and old to come together and sing your Simpsons faves. From 'See My Vest' to 'We Put the Spring in Springfield', 'Who Needs The Quick-E-Mart' to 'Can I Borrow A Feeling?' it's the greatest songs of Springfield performed live. 

And after a long string of sold out shows around Australia, 'Songs in The Key of Springfield' is coming to Ballarat! 

So gather your Simpsons-quoting friends and head to Karova Lounge from 9pm this Saturday. 

Tickets are $15 to $20 from Or for more info, find 'BOADZ' or 'Karova Lounge' on Facebook.

And remember, "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man!"