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Aurora Australis might be visible from Ballarat tonight. Here's what you need to know...


Aurora Australis & Milky Way (new version)

We may be in for another freezing cold evening tonight here in Ballarat, but you might want to be outside in it anyway.

The Bureau of Meteorology has said that we might be able to get a rare glance of the Southern Lights - Aurora Australis - tonight here in Victoria.

Scientifically, this means magnetised clouds of plasma are heading towards the south of our state. Realistically what this means is that if we're lucky, we might see some pretty green lights in the sky.

If you want to maximise your chances, head to somewhere that looks south with minimal light pollution (so Black Hill lookout is a definite no-no), and it's best to do it around 3am-5am, though fingers crossed we can get a glimpse without having to get up so gosh darn early. 

The Bureau has put together this handy little vid of everything you should know if you're going Aurora hunting. Good luck!


 Image source: Ben on Flickr