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HBO is making a 'Watchmen' series. Here's the first trailer!

It's been called the 'Citizen Kane of comics', and now HBO is bringing Watchmen to our tellies.

For a while we've been hearing snippets about this series, based on the 1986 limited comic book series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. But now we've finally been granted a teaser trailer by HBO. And if you're familiar with the original or the 2009 movie adaptation by Zack Snyder (300, Batman Vs Superman), you'll notice that this version looks very different. The rumours are that it's set in the years after the comic ended, looking at the ramifications of what happened in the original story.

The series is being created and run by Damien Lindelof - co-creator of Lost and The Leftovers, and it set to star Regina King, Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson and Jeremy Irons. We still don't have a release date from HBO, but it's expected to drop during our spring (autumn in the US). 

Anyway, enough preamble... enjoy the trailer!