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Watch Rainn Wilson give Billie Eilish the ultimate Office trivia quiz


Billie Eilish 08/10/2017 #27

Just imagine being confronted by one of your favourite TV characters of all time. 

Billie Eilish has made no secret of the fact that she loves The Office - the US version that is. She samples the show in her song 'my strange addiction' and as she proudly admits , she's seen every episode of every season twelve freakin times! So how will she go when one of the stars of the show rocks up at her front door and challenges her to an Office trivia contest?

Well that's what Billboard organised. Rainn Wilson, AKA Dwight from the legendary show, suprised 'William Eye-Lash' at her family home and put her Office trivia knowledge to the ultimate test. 


If you were lucky enough to catch Billie playing Groovin' The Moo over the weekend, or Margaret Court Arena on Friday night, this is the cherry on top.

(Heads up, there's a mild language warning on this one!)