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One Mum Is Worried That Nobody Likes Her Baby's Name

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Some of us end up with a first name that many don't like or just don't get, and for one mum, she began to worry after she divulged the name of her unborn son.

Katy H posted the name and question online at Netmums, some were not impressed, others were sympathetic. 

Read on:

Katy H: I know it doesn't matter what others think, but... We've fallen in love with the name Huxley but whenever I tell anyone they pull a face and say it's a dog's name. I'm trying to stick to what my partner and I like but it's so disheartening. Can you just ignore negative opinions or should I be listening to them?

Katie D(443): Not my cup of tea either. Sorry.

Zone A: When I hear the name Huxley, I don't think of a dog, I think of Aldous Huxley, the world-renowned author of Brave New World, so if they don't like it, they can all go chew on a bag of ...

skyley: Call your child what you like. Huxley is the name of the villain from Elmo in grouchland, when I hear the name, all I can think is crazy eyebrows lol. Hopefully your child will like it.

Kirsty G(363): I wouldn't worry about what others think! Our son is named Zeus, every body hated it at first, people was saying things like your naming him after a god, my dog/horse is called Zeus etc etc... I ignored them, as we loved the name and as soon as everybody met him, they all said his name suited him.

Auriane1: We named our son Felix, despite quite a few people (including mum in law) saying it was a cats name! It did bother me at the time but im so glad weve stuck to our guns, and everyone loves it now. I love Huxley, fab name!

This may have been the meanest comment:  It's the perfect name for a dog. Not a baby. In fact I might steal it for my puppy -lol.

Personally, I like the name she chose, Huxley.

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