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The latest Lion King trailer is genuinely unsettling

Let's be honest, there are some scenes in the original animated Lion King which were truly harrowing. I think you know the ones - they left an impact on a whole generation of '90s kids. Well, it turns out they're even more intense in live action.

The latest trailer for Jon Favreau's live action Lion King takes us into the Elephants' Graveyard itself, where those creepy hyenas lurk in the shadows and the wilderbeast stampede through the canyons. And it is full on! Take a squiz at our heroes Simba and Narla (Donald Glover and Beyonce), the immortal voice of James Earl Jones as Mufasa, and the genuinely creepy Scar (Chiwetel Ejiofor). Plus, to lighten the tone, a sing-along with a freakishly lifelike Timon (Billy Eichner) and Pumba (Seth Rogan). 


 Catch all the action at the Regent and Showbiz here in Ballarat from July 19th.