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Did you know Captain Marvel herself Brie Larson was a 00's pop-punk wannabe?

Who doesn't love a 'before they were famous' story?

From Drake in Degrassi to Nicki Minaj blasting Avril Lavigne on her way to work at a fast food restaurant, everyone got their start in showbiz somewhere. And for Brie Larson - 2015 Oscar winner for 'Room' and now Captain Marval, it was as a pop punk singer in the mid noughties. 

Jump back to 2005, and Brie was signed to Casablanca Records, run by Mariah Carey's ex-hubby Tommy Mottola. Her only other labelmate on Casablanca was a name you might recognise - Lindsay Lohan. 

Her one and only album release was called 'Finally Out of P.E.' and it flopped hard. If you're wondering why, check out the lead single 'She Said' - I'm guessing Brie's regretting this one now.


 Thankfully, Brie hasn't completely given her singing career away, as this amazing viral version of 'Shallow' can attest to.