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Here's the beautiful moment Jennifer Lopez got engaged


GLAAD 2014 - Jennifer Lopez - Casper-37 (cropped)

A perfect sunny day on a white sandy beach, the man of your dreams on one knee with a ring in his hand - it's the fairytale proposal, isn't it? And when J-Lo had that moment this week, thankfully there was a photographer on hand to capture it.

 If you haven't heard the news, Jennifer Lopez, aka J-Lo, aka Jenny From The Block got engaged to baseball legend Alex Rodriguez over the weekend, and J-Lo announced to the world with a whole flipbook of photos on her Instagram. Take a swipe through and leave Ballarat behind for a minute.


 Her now-fiance was a little more restrained in his Insta post, but this is still one beautiful picture from A-Rod.


No date's set as yet for the wedding, but no doubt there'll be plenty more photos to come! 


Image: dvsross [CC BY 2.0]