The Latest from the Home Run

Check out this awesome music vid from an uber-talented Ballarat local!

From internationally renowned acts like Gold Fields and Warren Ellis, to those bands that still haven't made it our of their Delacombe garage, Ballarat knows how to make talented musicians, and Power FM loves to champion them where we can!

This afternoon, we were sent a fantastic music video from Ballarat singer-songwriter Jordan Cassells. With a great Aussie indy voice reminiscent of Gareth Liddiard from The Drones or Wil Wagner from the Smith Street Band, and some brilliant campfire guitar playing, the song takes you away to somewhere else. The amazing Ring-inspired video clip is just the cherry on top. (Keep an eye out as well for some Ballarat landmarks you might recognise!)

Take a listen to Innovative Ways by Cassells, and thanks to his sister Teoni-Lee for sending this to us!