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230 new emojis are coming! Take a look...



Sometimes it feels like no matter how many emojis are on your phone, there's never the one you're really after.  Well that could be about to change. 

 Get ready to react in whole new ways, because another 230 new emojis are coming, and there's just about something for everyone in this batch.

You'll be seeing a bunch more skin tones, emojis for all kinds of different relationships, and stacks of new emojis for the disabled, including prosthetic limbs, walking sticks, guide dogs, service dogs and hearing aids. 


It's animals galore too, with flamingos, otter, orangatans (us red heads can't catch a break...), sloths and skunks. I think we can all come up with a few uses for the 'ol skunk emoji.


 And there's plenty of other random stuff too, like swimsuits, ice blocks, kites, ballet shoes, blood drops, axes, bandaids, banjos and - how have we gone so long without this? - the yawn emoji.


 You can check out the full selection in the below vid while we wait for them to hit our phones. Enjoy all the new emojis, but don't enjoy them too much or we may end up copping another Emoji Movie.