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From Toy Story to Marvel - here are all the epic Super Bowl movie trailers

When the game is lousy and the half-time entertainment is just as bad, you can still count on one thing to impress at the Super Bowl - the ads.

With such a huge number of people watching, ad prices during the Super Bowl are at a premium, so you know that anyone willing to fork out all that cash is going to give you something special. Hollywood has that kind of dosh to throw around, and they use it to hype up its biggest upcoming movies. 

So here we go! The big Super Bowl movie teasers of 2019:


Toy Story 4

Hitting cinemas June 21st, this clip features comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as fluffy toys Duck and Bunny harrassing Buzz Lightyear at a fun park.




Speaking of Jordan Peele, we've been given another look at the Oscar winner's directorial follow-up to Get Out, due out March 22.



Captain Marvel:

Yep, there was plenty of superhero goodness too, with Captain Marvel coming March 8th ( just over a month away!).



Avengers: End Game:

Of course the Avengers got their shot in the spotlight too. End Game drops on April 26 and this trailer is current the #1 trending video on YouTube.



Alita: Battle Angel:

James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez adapt Manga - how has this not happened sooner? In cinemas next Thursday.



Wonder Park

And finally, we'll end with a kids' movie. It doesn't boast a big name cast and it's not from a studio famed for it's animation, but it does boast Cow and Chicken creator David Feiss as its director. And it could afford a Super Bowl slot, so it can't be a complete turkey, right? (It'll certainly be more entertaining than the game was...) Wonder Park is due out March 15th.