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Dean Lewis gives an epic performance of Ellen then fanboys hard

It's hard to believe, Dean Lewis released 'Be Alright' seven months ago to the day. Since then it's picked up an ARIA, topped the Aussie charts, hit the top 10 in sixteen other countries, and now it's set to take over the US thanks to some TV host named Ellen. 

Late last week, Dean got to sing is Aussie heart out on Ellen, and it's fair to say he was excited. 


 And that excitement went into overdrive once he met the mighty Ellen herself. (Heads up, this caption is super cute but a little bit sweary.) 


 And if he was starstruck before and after his performance, it disappeared the moment he got behind the keyboard. Yep, even in the studios of the world's nicest TV show, this song still packs an emotional wallop. You can catch the offical EllenTube footage here or check out the bootleg below.