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The internet's fallen for a puppy who only reacts to Harry Potter spells

There are Harry Potter fans, and then there are those amongst us who treat J K Rowling's incredible fantasty series as a lifestyle choice. And one Potterhead out of the US has set a new standard when it comes to championing the series. She's taught her dog only to respond to Harry Potter spells. 

Anna Brisbin's little one-year-old dachshund puppy Remus (yep, named after the Potterverse's favourite warewolf) doesn't have time for boring conventional commands like sit, drop, stay and come. He's dressed up in a Griffindore tie and ready for some magic.


 And as you'd expect, a dog this well versed in pop culture 100% has an Instagram account, if you want to keep up with the world's greatest Potter Puppy.