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Adele's "Someone Like You" Has Never Looked Better

Well now I have seen it all and I am not sure how Adele feels about it.

I'm talking about everyday random inanimate objects singing their hearts out to one of Adele's hit-singles (hint: the video directly below this sentence) 

Well singing is not really the word, we should say "it's more like miming, kinda." 

Someone on Tik Tok, grabbed a heap of Gummy bears, put one red one on a chair, the rest were set out like an audience on the floor, then they use Adele's  "Someone Like You" to create a concert vibe.

It's really quite beautiful, and strange all in one.


Maybe after watching these, Adele might catch the feels! 


Maybe this will inspire you to do your own version, one that showcases Ballarat even?



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